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GOOD health requires GOOD MOVEMENT


Go Good Guru is passionate about providing high quality training and wellness services to get people of all ages GOING GOOD and moving their best.

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With an emphasizes on the importance of Balance, Alignment and Movement, our clients learn how to make small, consistent changes that bring life-long sustainable improvements. 

Fusing Strength Training, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Natural Movement and Egosque-type Methods; our programs are as unique as our clients and their health & fitness goals.

1-on-1 Training, Group Classes & Workshops

Our wide range of classes and workshops will motivate, educate, inspire and help you reach your fitness goals.  Team training led by knowledgeable & supportive coaches means big results.

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Our custom online coaching help you lose fat, build muscle, and reach their fitness goals in a safe, sustainable way.  We offer fitness & nutrition coaching, custom workouts and meal plans.

Wellness Info, Videos, Workouts, Tips & Tricks

Dedicated to discovering and delivering the best in Health, Wellness & Longevity! We are constantly scouring the INTER-WEBS for articles that to help you GO GOOD!

"Motion is Life."  -  Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine

Movement is linked to every function and process in the body. OuR BODIES WERE DESIGNED TO RUN, JUMP AND CLIMB.  MOTION IS LOTION and lack of movement causes joints to stiffening and muscles, tendons & ligaments to tighten; leading to difficult and PAINFUL movement.

Sitting has become an art form and many have forgotten how to move.  The GOOD NEWS is the body is dynamic and adaptable, so no matter your age or physical condition, you can improve your movement and mobility.

Go Good Guru
A pRIVATE; nATURAL MOVEMENT based fitness, THERAPY & personal training studio located in Newport Beach offering 
1-on-1 Training, Small Group Classes as well as Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching.

Quality Training for every fitness level

Focusing on PROPER ALIGNMENT and IMPROVED MOBILITY helps clients quickly reach their goals WITHOUT INJURY.  Our adaptive training methods allow us to SAFELY build up any weaknesses and imbalances; then transition clients into regular performance training once able.

A Better Way To Train

Blending Technology & Fitness
We've put together some of the most  INNOVATIVE FITNESS EQUIPMENT in the industry to give you the workout of your life.

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Real-Time Workout Tracking
ALL clients train using a heart rate monitor watch provided by the facility. That way we know exactly how you're doing while you train and ensure you stay in the zone that will provide you the best results for your current fitness goals.

Small Group Classes for all LEVELS
Everyone's fitness journey is different. For that reason we offer classes for YOUTH, TEENS, ADULTS and SENIORS looking to maintain daily health, burn calories or loss weight. All moves modified to fit YOUR fitness levels and GOALS.

Post Workout Reporting
With our Post-Workout emails, you're able to review your Heart Rate, Calories Burned and Share Performance Results with friends

The Word Is Out

"I have enjoyed working with Jef for the last 15 years. He has added a needed dimension to my life. I feel better, look better and enjoy life more by being healthy and strong due to Jef's instruction and input. Not just working out but looking at the big picture of health has helped me considerably."

~ Tim M. 

"Been with Jeff for over 12 years. His knowledge of anatomy allows him to address any physical issues. He takes a personal interest in his clients. Workouts are creative and tailored for the individual."  

~ Ralph S.

"Awesome classes. The diff between guru and others is options! So many different classes that keep your body off balance and improving. No plateauing here! There's so much knowledge here and fun! 

~ Brian D.

"This was an amazing class that worked my body from head to toe, abs to butt. It was perfectly paced to challenge me and give time to recover in between each circuit. The atmosphere is super welcoming... it felt like one on one training because our trainer was there at each station to encourage and correct form when needed."   

~ Kellie K. 

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Training with a heart rate monitor improves endurance capacity!

Training with a heart rate monitor improves endurance capacity!

ALL CLASSES include loaner monitor. 

Get the absolute most from each workout. 

 Yes...FREE...we provide the monitors.

Already a member? Register monitor here.

No Cumbersome Chest Straps 
Our strapless heart rate monitor watches are comfortable and more accurate alternative to a chest strap.

Work at YOUR own level
Everyone's fitness journey is different. Training with a monitor insures you're at the level you need to reach YOUR fitness goals.

Real-Time Tracking for a Better Burn
Your metabolism is ignited at 83% of your max heart rate. Performance zones are indicated by different colors on screen.

Track, Share and Compare Results
Track your results from  class to class, compare calorie data and receive post-workout results.

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