This 16-Year-Old Sprinter Is Definitely Faster Than You

Candace Hill, the “fastest girl in the world,” is turning pro after nabbing a 10-year sponsorship deal from Asics

Fast Phenom: Candace Hill, a 16-year-old high school student in Georgia, has earned the unofficial title of “fastest girl in the world” with a 10.98-second 100-meter dash—the fastest time a female teenager has ever recorded in the U.S. Now, on the cusp of what promises to be a stellar career, she’s signed a 10-year contract with Asics, which will fund her collegiate career (even though she’ll strictly be competing professionally, and not as an NCAA athlete). Before then, though, she not only has a shot to compete in the Rio Olympics—she has a shot to medal there. (For example: Her 10.98 would have tied for silver at the Beijing Olympics.) [New York Times] [Asics]

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