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  We've taken our Private One-On-One Programs and expanded them into  PERSONAL FOCUS, SMALL GROUP, BEGINNER FRIENDLY, classes in a PRIVATE STUDIO ENVIRONMENT

Only $99/mo* 

For a limited time lock in this special price for 1 year.  $149/mo thereafter.

Use Promo Code: Club99

 Pick your favorite class, or mix it up completely....take as many classes as you like—all for 1 low price.

Goals are reached faster with the RIGHT SUPPORT.  

Supportive Team Coaches + GROUP ENCOURAGEMENT  = A Winning Combination

B | A | M

The human body is the most advanced, complicated and well-synchronized machine on the planet. We all have one, but none of us got a Users Guide.  Our B|A|M  Classes are your weekly tune-up.

Coaches teach self healing techniques and gentle movements from methods such as Tai-Chi, Yoga, Natural Movement, Martial Arts and Egoscue.  Class members improve body awareness, learn  capabilities, and decrease limitations due to injury, habit or trauma.  Our valuable keys to GOOD living and improved longevity.

Experience our BAM Methodology through a variety of Intro-Courses, Ongoing Classes and Virtual learning environments.  

Regardless of current ability, learning level or age, we'll get you GOIN' GOOD!


* Body Alignment & Mobility

* Self-Assessment Habits

* Recovery & Healing Secrets

* Stretching for Performance

* Balance Development

* Joint-Stability and Strength

* Durability & Endurance  Protocols

* Functional Movement Screens
* Bio-mechanics of Movement

* Breathing Techniques
* Fuel and Water intake
* Tolerance / Pain Management

Specialty B | A | M Classes

Senior & Post-rehab

Get pain-free, stay active, preventing injury, & learn how to avoid falls in a fun, safe studio.

Teens & pre-teens

Tweens & Teens learn to stay strong, flexible and injury free during an important growth stage.


Kids learn body awareness and practice being active in a FUN, SAFE Environment.


Challenge your body's primitive movement and functional limits. *Performance strength required.


​... I learned I was not as strong as I thought I was. But every week I went from just a hop to actually jumping. I gained strength, mobility and become more energetic with fun people that help you..."   

~ Kim S.


Awesome classes. The difference between guru and others is options! So many different classes that keep your body off balance and improving. No plateauing here! There's so much knowledge here and fun!

~ Brian D.

Ready to GO GOOD?

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GOOD BURN classes are a High Energy, Intense Training experience in a Small Class Environment. Classes are tailored to fit ALL FITNESS LEVELS. By using CUTTING-EDGE EQUIPMENT, Online Goal Tracking and REAL-TIME MONITORING, we blend Technology and Fun to get BIG RESULTS!

Specialty GOOD Burn Classes

90-day new you transformation

Starting your fitness journey alone? Need to change things up? Don't know where to start? Gain muscle, drop inches and KICK-START YOUR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT in 


karaoke burn

Sing your heart out while you work your tail off.  Move from one calories crushing station to another  while belting out your favorite  Karaoke tunes. 

boogie nights

Raise your heart rate and burn calories following  easy to learn dance moves. Follow the moves or lose yourself in the music.  As long as you have fun & JUST DANCE!!

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What makes OUR BURN better?

We've put together some of the most  INNOVATIVE FITNESS EQUIPMENT in the industry to give you the workout of your life.   You won't find a group of equipment of this caliber in one class anywhere.

(CLICK LOGO for detailed info on each piece of equipment )

Yes... USE THEM ALL in one class!!!

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Training with a heart rate monitor improves endurance capacity!

Training with a heart rate monitor improves endurance capacity!

ALL CLASSES include loaner monitor. 

Get the absolute most from each workout. 

 Yes...FREE...we provide the monitors.

Already a member? Register monitor here.

No Cumbersome Chest Straps 

Our strapless heart rate monitor watches are comfortable and more accurate alternative to a chest strap.

Work at YOUR own level

Everyone's fitness journey is different. Training with a monitor insures you're at the level you need to reach YOUR fitness goals.

Real-Time Tracking for a Better Burn

Your metabolism is ignited at 83% of your max heart rate. Performance zones are indicated by different colors on screen.

Track, Share and Compare Results

Track your results from  class to class, compare calorie data and receive post-workout results.

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