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​... I learned I was not as strong as I thought I was. But every week I went from just a hop to actually jumping. I gained strength, mobility and become more energetic with fun people that help you..."   

~ Kim S.


Awesome classes. The diff between guru and others is options! So many different classes that keep your body off balance and improving. No plateauing here! There's so much knowledge here and fun!

~ Brian D.

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What makes OUR BURN better?

We've put together some of the most  INNOVATIVE FITNESS EQUIPMENT in the industry to give you the workout of your life.   You won't find a group of equipment of this caliber in one class anywhere. (CLICK LOGO FOR INFO)

Yes... USE THEM ALL in one class!!!

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Training with a heart rate monitor improves endurance capacity!

Training with a heart rate monitor improves endurance capacity!

ALL CLASSES include loaner monitor. 

Get the absolute most from each workout. 

 Yes...FREE...we provide the monitors.

Already a member? Register monitor here.

No Cumbersome Chest Straps 

Our strapless heart rate monitor watches are comfortable and more accurate alternative to a chest strap.

Work at YOUR own level

Everyone's fitness journey is different. Training with a monitor insures you're at the level you need to reach YOUR fitness goals.

Real-Time Tracking for a Better Burn

Your metabolism is ignited at 83% of your max heart rate. Performance zones are indicated by different colors on screen.

Track, Share and Compare Results

Track your results from  class to class, compare calorie data and receive post-workout results.

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