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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day

You would be hard pressed to find someone that hasn't been effected by a great teacher at some point of their lives.  The ways in which teachers have and do touch our lives is immeasurable.  

Kathryn Struck,  taught high school for forty years, moved to the college level, and then  began to substitute teach in grade schools, middle schools and high schools in her area.   Kathryn exhibits the true love or teaching and molding the minds of our kids.   

So on this National Teacher Appreciation Day, we we thought it fitting to share an article below that she wrote titled:

"What is the importance of teacher in our life?"

We think she said it all.  Please give the teachers in your life past and present a shout out today and let them know how much you appreciate them!!

Let us know in the comments below an let us know what teacher impacted your life and how.

The teacher is ONE of the most important people in a student’s life. Teachers are everywhere—your first teachers were your parents or guardians. Your second teachers were your extended family and your friends.

When you started formal schooling at around age 5–6, teachers gave you the information, the knowledge that helped you knit together the meaning of your life. Good teachers helped you learn to socialize with others appropriately. A good teacher gave you the ‘aha’ moment—when you could see patterns between and among previously disconnected facts and opinions. The teachers in your school, be it public or private or parochial, helped you advance what you knew or were learning—from experiences you had, to ideas you imagined, and your young answers to life’s greatest mysteries.

Your family or those who cared for you were doing this, too, but you needed outside reinforcement. And you probably wanted to learn. Not every child wants to go to school, but everyone of them that I have met wants to learn.

As you aged, your thinking became more and more complex and personal: you needed more than one official teacher to assist your diverse thinking and knowledge.

Even now, if you are not working with a ‘teacher’, you are still learning from the experience of living, from reading the newspaper, watching programs, reading books—every living moment is a learning moment, and there will always be people who can help you understand what you see and experience. At several points in your adult life you may seek out a ‘teacher’ for a certain area of study—and that teacher will attempt to help you make sense of all that you have become.

Ultimately, as we age, we seek philosophers and those who can help us achieve balance in life—in my opinion. We look for those who can keep our thinking ‘young’—flexible, and help us roll with the rapid changes in our culture. They help us work out our limitations and our promises. You are a teacher. There are those who need to hear your point of view so they have a broader point of view.

Life can be very cruel and painful for many people, and this will affect their acceptance of new ideas, and other points of view. They may reject being taught. Even those people can be good teachers for us. They teach us compassion.

ALL teachers are very important.

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