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The New Black Plague…. "Electronic Screen Syndrome".

 The new black plague “Electronic  Screen Syndrome” Studies have also shown that using computers, smartphones or tablets before bedtime disrupts sleep.Sir Anthony Seldon the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham and former master of Wellington College said screen time was a ‘very significant concern’.“Intelligent use of computers can enhance the life of teenagers but overall they are spending vastly too much time online,” he added.“Real people, real exercise, real environments and above all real relationships in the flesh are what young people need to develop into healthy adults.“I’m extremely worried by the extensive and indiscriminate exposure of adolescents to computers. It should be a very significant concern.”

The researchers of the new study agreed that electronic devices could be harmful if youngsters were using them to avoid exercise, sleep or avoid making friends. But they also said they could actually be beneficial for development.Co-author Dr Netta Weinstein of Cardiff University said: “To the extent that digital activities either enrich teenagers’ lives or displace more rewarding activities, they should have either positive or negative effects on their mental well-being.

“There have been theories that digital use is disrupting more satisfying pursuits. However, the role of digital technology has a central role in everyday life and online gaming is now a shared way of playing for teenage boys.“There is good reason to think digital technology used in moderation is not disruptive and may even support development.’

Commenting on the research, Dr Pete Etchells, senior lecturer in Biological Psychology, Bath Spa University, said: “The study shows that certain levels of technology use may actually be beneficial to children.”Where negative effects do exist, these are in fact quite weak, compared to other factors such as getting a decent night’s sleep which have previously been shown to have an influence on well-being. “Taken altogether then, the study shows that we need to drastically reconsider the way we think about screen time – there is an alarming  negative correlation between using digital technology and well being.




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