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The Newest Workout Trend… Beer Yoga


 Totally on board with the whole “New Year, New Me” vibe?  What about the thought of healthy beer yoga workout  if we’re being realistic, changing my current habits is proving to be a lot harder than I previously thought. We want to be  healthy… In comes this beer yoga workout. The transformation involved in spending  time laying in bed and consuming food and beverages.  Clogging   arteries and destroying   kidneys to becoming a green juice-drinking yogini . Rising  with the sun for hours of meditation and cardio is impractical .

W“healthy” is a journey that one needs to ease their selves  into slowly. Say hello  to the newest workout trend sweeping the globe – beer yoga .The Germans have come up with the best way to combine working on and gaining transcendence without giving up happy hour.  Bier Yoga,  is exactly what it sounds like – downing a brew while maintaining Warrior 3. This trend is unsurprisingly so popular that it’s spread to Australia, as well.

Beer yoga becoming an international trend will almost certainly work in our favor. Now, it’s only a matter of time that a BierYoga will open up in Williamsburg. Apart from being an amazing new way to get people to engage in physical activity.  The founders of BierYoga claim that drinking beer during the workout actually ups your yoga game in a major way. As you search for enlightenment during your 50-minute workout, adding in a beer you enjoy drinking and its calming effects on the mind can help .

Of course, drinking beer in certain positions will prove tricky – hello, downward-facing dog ! You’ll be able to focus more on your stability and core strengthening through balancing the bottles on your head and other various motions that integrate the bottle as a key component of your workout. I’m already on board, but until Beer Yoga makes its way to the good ol’ U. S. of A., I may just give this a try on my own by replacing my water bottle with a growler and earning myself a nice, long shavasana.