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To Shake Off The Blues…Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya

Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya

This post is contributed by our very own Tanya Smith-Chappell, a Coach, Trainer and Studio Manager at Go Good Guru.

Having a tough time with the transition into Fall? You’re not alone…

It has ALWAYS been a tough transition for me. I LOVE the sun and the warm weather. Maybe it’s become I’m a summer baby, (-:

When the Fall Funks hit the first thing I do is turn on some tunes and “Shake What My Mamma Gave Me”.

It’s fun, playful, and maybe a little embarrassing for those “less hardened”…but maaannnn does it lift your spirits.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU...Try it.. Have a daily dance party!

Find 5-10 minutes every day to play your ALL-TIME favorite songs and GET YOUR GROOVE ON!

The sillier this sounds to you... the more you probably need to do it!

This will immediately help you relax, lighten your mood, and leave you feeling refreshed and totally recharged.

TRUE STORY: One of my favorite times to dance is in the kitchen when I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up. If the right song comes on I’m lost in my own world. More times than not I turn to find one of the kids watching me and shaking their heads.

UNLESS it’s a Kids Bop Song…Then it’s on...DANCE PARTY!!!”

An evening dance can really help you wind down from the day. It’s an easy way to do something good for yourself and it’s soooo much fun.

On days you’re not in the mood, just turn on the right music to make sure you can’t help yourself.

Dancing is GOOD for you – it boosts your mood, balance, coordination, and depending on how much you shake it, can be a mini workout.

…piece together some choreography and it can improve your memory and brain power 😉



What music do YOU love to dance to?! What songs will you be putting on your dance party playlist?

Join us! Let us know in the comments.

Tip Tuesday: Aim For Better Than


Common client question: "How do I know what I should eat when it all seems bad?
Answer: When you're about to eat, ask yourself, What's available and what would be better than?  Del Taco or Subway? Bagel or Candy Bar? Chips or Pretzels? Hard Boiled Egg or Protein Bar?  Once you've narrowed it down to the best option.  That's what you should eat. " 

By the way...the REAL TRICK...regardless of what you picked, you took the time to ask the question.

You've starting creating Nutrition Awareness....TADA!!!

SCROLL DOWN to get the FREE INFOGRAPHIC that  answers the questions we asked.

We've been hearing it our entire lives.  We all know eating well is good for you.  

In an ideal world...You sit at the dining table and calmly, slowly, peacefully enjoy your food.

However, more often than not the reality is...You lose track of time while finishing up one last work email, forget to eat, and then rush out the door to pick your son up from school so you can take him to rugby and then drive your daughter home after swim practice.

Somewhere in between: A half-eaten KIND bar, a Granny Smith apple, and some cashews.

The truth is, life isn’t ideal for anyone. But you still have to eat. And you’re allowed to prioritize healthy eating even if you’re extremely busy.

Dr. Rachel K. Johnson, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., chair of the American Heart Association’s nutrition committee states, "We know from research that being exposed to healthy food means you will develop a preference for that food over time. For example, once you become accustomed to eating lower-sodium foods, you will find that foods you used to eat taste very salty,” Johnson said. “By adopting a healthier diet you will not only add years to your life but you’ll improve the quality of the years you have.”

Use the chart below to help you make healthier decisions when it comes to your nutrition. 

Remember, the trick to starting and maintaining a healthy diet is to make your goal to EAT BETTER NOT PERFECT. | Tip Tuesday - Aim for Better Than when trying to improve your nutrition.  Work to be  better NOT perfect. #betterthan | Tip Tuesday - Aim for Better Than when trying to improve your nutrition. Work to be better NOT perfect. #betterthan

Struggling to keep up with all the new information coming out? Interested in learning how to navigate the latest trends and fads in nutrition?

CLICK HERE for our FREE "Nutrition Made Simple Guide"

You'll learn...

  • How to make sense of the latest research.
  • Ways to eat better without resorting to fads.
  • How to understand controversial topics like grains, detoxes, GMOs.
  • Strategies to eat the right amount of calories at the right times.
  • How to prepare healthy meals when you need them.
  • And much more…

Monday Challenge: Send A Handwritten Card

Send A Handwritten Card

When was the last time you got an actual handwritten note in the mail? Or even a simple postcard?

How did it make you feel? Pretty special, I’m guessing.

Let’s share the love with this week’s wellness challenge!

This week, let’s set aside some time to send a handwritten card, note, or letter to brighten someone else’s day.

That’s right- JUST ONE, SINGLE CARD!  Not too hard, right?!

You could reconnect with an old friend or coworker, thank a business associate, bring joy to a family member, or just say hello to a neighbor.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this project – just a few sentences can mean so much.

There’s something about seeing someone’s handwriting in a note that gives it more meaning than an email message or text could ever have – it’s more thoughtful and personal.

Nowadays, most of us only get bills and junk in our mailboxes.

Let’s make checking the mail fun again!

Are you in for the challenge this week!? Post below and let us know! Also- if you want to snap a pic of the front of your card before you send it, We’d love to see it

Monday Challenge: Release Your Inner Tarzan

Release your inner TARZAN
to Conquer Tough Goals

How did you do with last week's Kitchen Clean-Out Challenge?

This week we'll go over an easy way to reach a goal that may seem out of reach.

Ever heard of the Tarzan Method?  It’s pretty cool – and we’re going to use it in our challenge this week!

Here’s how it works...  When Tarzan swings through the jungle--from tree to tree--vine to vine,  he has no predetermined route.  

He just grabs the next available vine.  Is it the straightest or most efficient route? No, but...


Does this fit EVERY goal? Nope… but sometimes it’s just not realistic to have every single detail planned out.

Now this is a different kind of challenge.

Apply this method to ONE PARTICULAR aspect of your life where you’re struggling…. whether it be work, a personal issue, or making the right meal choices…

When the next opportunity is in front of you… TAKE IT and make that one decision to move you closer towards that goal

Don’t think of everything you need to do in the future to achieve the larger goal- just take it one vine at a time.

Do you accept this challenge?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

Monday Challenge: Kitchen Clean Out – Tip

Kitchen Clean-Out

This week's challenge Kitchen Clean-Out was to raid your ENTIRE KITCHEN – getting rid of anything you no longer need, use, or isn’t serving our health & fitness goals. We know...easier said than done. Just as with everything else in life-- if you take one step at a time...before you know it, you'll be there. #MondayChallenge #CleanUp

Monday Challenge: Kitchen Clean Out


This week' s challenge is one that you will probably both love  and dread all at the same time!   

We’re going to raid our ENTIRE KITCHEN –
getting rid of anything that we no longer
need, use, or that isn’t serving our health and fitness goals. 

So let’s get started!   

     1. Start with the pantry.  Go through EVERY shelf and toss anything that’s expired, questionable (hyep, it happens!), or is overly processed.  

     2. Move to the kitchen cabinets and drawers and do the same thing.  

    3.  Put on your “it’s go time” face, and get busy with your refrigerator and freezer!  

The easiest way to do this is to do each area one at a time, raiding it and then giving each area a little scrub-down as I go.  

Have a question about how long you should keep foods? Here’s a great chart from REALSIMPLE.   

Download, print and keep in your kitchen as a handy guide.

Once you’re done cleaning everything out, take a few minutes to assess what’s left and see what you need to restock in your kitchen!    

This may not sound fun- but we PROMISE when you’re done, your soul will be happy 🙂   

Are you in for this week’s challenge?  If you are, post up your “before” pic of one part of your kitchen so we can all hold each other accountable!  

Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day

You would be hard pressed to find someone that hasn't been effected by a great teacher at some point of their lives.  The ways in which teachers have and do touch our lives is immeasurable.  

Kathryn Struck,  taught high school for forty years, moved to the college level, and then  began to substitute teach in grade schools, middle schools and high schools in her area.   Kathryn exhibits the true love or teaching and molding the minds of our kids.   

So on this National Teacher Appreciation Day, we we thought it fitting to share an article below that she wrote titled:

"What is the importance of teacher in our life?"

We think she said it all.  Please give the teachers in your life past and present a shout out today and let them know how much you appreciate them!!

Let us know in the comments below an let us know what teacher impacted your life and how.

The teacher is ONE of the most important people in a student’s life. Teachers are everywhere—your first teachers were your parents or guardians. Your second teachers were your extended family and your friends.

When you started formal schooling at around age 5–6, teachers gave you the information, the knowledge that helped you knit together the meaning of your life. Good teachers helped you learn to socialize with others appropriately. A good teacher gave you the ‘aha’ moment—when you could see patterns between and among previously disconnected facts and opinions. The teachers in your school, be it public or private or parochial, helped you advance what you knew or were learning—from experiences you had, to ideas you imagined, and your young answers to life’s greatest mysteries.

Your family or those who cared for you were doing this, too, but you needed outside reinforcement. And you probably wanted to learn. Not every child wants to go to school, but everyone of them that I have met wants to learn.

As you aged, your thinking became more and more complex and personal: you needed more than one official teacher to assist your diverse thinking and knowledge.

Even now, if you are not working with a ‘teacher’, you are still learning from the experience of living, from reading the newspaper, watching programs, reading books—every living moment is a learning moment, and there will always be people who can help you understand what you see and experience. At several points in your adult life you may seek out a ‘teacher’ for a certain area of study—and that teacher will attempt to help you make sense of all that you have become.

Ultimately, as we age, we seek philosophers and those who can help us achieve balance in life—in my opinion. We look for those who can keep our thinking ‘young’—flexible, and help us roll with the rapid changes in our culture. They help us work out our limitations and our promises. You are a teacher. There are those who need to hear your point of view so they have a broader point of view.

Life can be very cruel and painful for many people, and this will affect their acceptance of new ideas, and other points of view. They may reject being taught. Even those people can be good teachers for us. They teach us compassion.

ALL teachers are very important.

Source article

Monday Challenge: Proper Posture


Your posture has a VERY powerful impact on how you act and feel – how deeply you breathe, your energy levels, and believe it or not….. even your level of confidence!  (and the list goes on.)

This week, we’re going to hone in on our posture and pay attention to 
any bad habits we’ve picked up over the years.

When you were a teenager, did you have a “helpful” adult constantly nagging at you to stand up or sit up straight?  Well as adults, we might need that helpful voice even more!

Pretty much everything we do (from sitting at the computer, to driving in a car) works AGAINST us when it comes to having good posture - if we’re not VERY careful.

It’s too easy to lose focus on your posture…. and before you know it, your shoulders start rounding forward, your lower back starts to ache, and your hips start to get tight.  Nothing positive can ever come out of this. 

When circulation is decreased, you start to experience back and neck pain and lose the ability to stay focused and motivated.  

You’ll experience higher levels of stress, your mood will be negatively affected, digestion will suffer…. and the list goes on and on.

Try this: “Good” posture means that you stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, pelvis in neutral position – i.e., neither pushing front nor back. Your core should be gently braced, with your chest tall and your shoulders slightly back, chin in neutral position (not jutting your chin forward).

Below is a quick guide from the National Academy of Sports Medicine:

How did you do?  It’s trickier than you think! If you have an imbalance, it can be really hard to get everything all lined up the way it is supposed to be – changing one part of the equation can throw off the others. Getting it right can require time, paying ATTENTION to your posture, and patience.

So, your challenge this week is to work to improve your posture! 

----> How about this: Whenever you CHECK THE TIME, do a quick posture check.  What do you think!? 🙂

Are you in?  Let us know in the comments below!

Why Intention Is More Important Than You Think

Simple Steps for Improved Health: Why Intention Is More Important Than You Think

This week's Simple Step will focus on "Daily Intentions".

Most of us wake up, and then get quickly sucked up into the business of each day. However the difference in your day is INCREDIBLE when you start each day with one single, specific “intention.”

Basically, it’s a single underlying goal or “mantra” for the entire day.

Maybe it’s health-related – “To do whatever I can to support my health goals.” Maybe it’s to be of service to others. Or perhaps you’re more focused on your business or career goals on a given day. (BTW, there can be overlap between all of those things!)

For this week, try this simple step: setting an intention for your day, and then refocusing yourself on it if you find yourself getting off-track.

This is important because having an intention goes far beyond checking things off your “to-do list” – it goes towards *why* those things are on your list in the first place.

You’d be surprised the difference that setting a daily intention can make when it comes to conquering your goals. The less important stuff tends to fall away, saving you time and energy for things that will create the most impact.

You might notice that every day your intention is a little different … which is OK (and actually a great thing!).

Once you have your intention, check in every hour or so and bring it to the front of your mind. This will allow you to be fully present with whatever your intention is – which can also actually help reduce stress.

Something that may help is wearing a bracelet, where every time you look at it, you remind yourself of your intention.

Something else that’s awesome…., if you’ve got Google Chrome, you definitely need to check out the “Momentum” extension. It not only helps remind you of your daily intention each time you open a new browser window, but it also integrates with a bunch of different productivity apps that help you create a to-do list for the day. :-). Check it out here.

Are you up for setting an intention every day this week!?

Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re feeling it, please share what your first intention will be with the rest of us!