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Common client question: "How do I know what I should eat when it all seems bad?
Answer: When you're about to eat, ask yourself, What's available and what would be better than?  Del Taco or Subway? Bagel or Candy Bar? Chips or Pretzels? Hard Boiled Egg or Protein Bar?  Once you've narrowed it down to the best option.  That's what you should eat. " 

By the way...the REAL TRICK...regardless of what you picked, you took the time to ask the question.

You've starting creating Nutrition Awareness....TADA!!!

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We've been hearing it our entire lives.  We all know eating well is good for you.  

In an ideal world...You sit at the dining table and calmly, slowly, peacefully enjoy your food.

However, more often than not the reality is...You lose track of time while finishing up one last work email, forget to eat, and then rush out the door to pick your son up from school so you can take him to rugby and then drive your daughter home after swim practice.

Somewhere in between: A half-eaten KIND bar, a Granny Smith apple, and some cashews.

The truth is, life isn’t ideal for anyone. But you still have to eat. And you’re allowed to prioritize healthy eating even if you’re extremely busy.

Dr. Rachel K. Johnson, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., chair of the American Heart Association’s nutrition committee states, "We know from research that being exposed to healthy food means you will develop a preference for that food over time. For example, once you become accustomed to eating lower-sodium foods, you will find that foods you used to eat taste very salty,” Johnson said. “By adopting a healthier diet you will not only add years to your life but you’ll improve the quality of the years you have.”

Use the chart below to help you make healthier decisions when it comes to your nutrition. 

Remember, the trick to starting and maintaining a healthy diet is to make your goal to EAT BETTER NOT PERFECT.  

GoGoodGuru.com | Tip Tuesday - Aim for Better Than when trying to improve your nutrition.  Work to be  better NOT perfect. #betterthan

GoGoodGuru.com | Tip Tuesday - Aim for Better Than when trying to improve your nutrition. Work to be better NOT perfect. #betterthan

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